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Business Security Systems In 2009, there were over 9 million property crimes in the US*. These included burglary, arson and vandalism. Your business, along with your home and family, is one of the most important parts of your life. Especially in the current economic climate, businesses need to run smoothly and efficiently.

Business Alarm System Monitoring Don't let crime keep you from doing what you need to provide for your family, your employees, and their families. Desert Security offers simple business security systems powered by Alarm.com, monitoring that will keep your property safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We're open when your business is closed. Whether you are using one of our wired or wireless systems, Desert Security provides state-of-the-art coverage with reliable and affordable system monitoring. Our systems also enable you to manage all of your systems-security, energy, and home automation-from your smartphone, computer, or web-enabled device like an iPad.

If you already have a security system, switching to Desert Security for your monitoring can save you money, something that most companies can benefit from. Installation is straightforward, and there is no interruption to your business. Don't wait until your company's security has been compromised. Contact Desert Security today and continue to focus on what's important: growing your business.

*2009 FBI Uniform Crime Statistics report.





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Whether you have existing hardware and wiring, or you need a completely new security system, Desert Security can help you decide on the best approach and most effective and affordable solution. We can help with:

  • Security system set up and monitoring
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Lighting, climate control automation
  • Intercom and overhead speakers
  • Construction site surveillance
  • Residential / commercial re-wiring
  • Video surveillance solutions
  • Perimeter protection
  • Access control systems
  • Telephone, network and video cabling
  • Lighting systems
  • Temporary security solutions